Baking Company to Move to Spartanburg and Will Hire 200 New Employees


Highland Baking Company To Move To Spartanburg County, Hire 200 Workers



A new company is moving into an empty building in Spartanburg County and will hire 200 new employees.

Spartanburg County Councilman David Britt told News 4’s Mike McCormick that Highland Baking Company bought the old Mrs. Smith’s facility off Hearon Circle in Spartanburg County. The facility has been empty for a few years.

Britt said the company paid $4 million for the facility and will put an additional $11 million into it.

The company is expected to hire 200 people.

The facility will be used a distribution center, but there’s also the possibility for some baking and selling to establishments in South Carolina.

“Highland is a great company,” Britt said. “We want them there, so we’re going to make it happen.”

Britt said the company is ready to move.

This week, county council passed the first reading of a resolution and an ordinance. The ordinance would provide for a fee in lieu of taxes. Both have to undergo two more readings, which Britt said shouldn’t be an issue.

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